Martina Cioffi

Martina Cioffi (Como, 1991) trained at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan. Installation and sculpture are her preferred means of expression: although she has always experimented with various materials, since 2020, she has focused primarily on the use of ceramics, creating site-specific installations with it. Her research draws inspiration from the amazed observation of the transformative and resilient capacity of plant organisms. It develops into a symbolic reinterpretation of the landscape and our inseparable bond with it. The tree, metonymy of the landscape, is one of the central themes of her research. Her imagery seeks to evoke an ancestral connection with a powerful, creative, and fertile nature not yet stripped of its magical essence. She reflects on archetypal images that unite the collective unconscious of humanity, allowing the emergence of fascinating “telepathies,” revealing a hidden network of interconnected roots, akin to an underground forest.