Spin-off Herba Beta

29.06.23 – 04.07.23

In the rooms of Palazzo Pio in Tresigallo, several audio and video works from the Herba bēta project have been re-presented in a site-specific manner. This project was first shown in July 2021 at Factory Grisù in Ferrara, and the related fanzine/catalog was also presented.
The Frat.tale team met during the fourth edition of Il Mestiere delle Arti, promoted by GA/ER – Giovani artisti Emilia-Romagna. At the end of the program, the participants dedicated themselves to the collaborative project @herbabeta, focusing on the recent dismantling of sugar factories in the Ferrara area, curated by Andreco. The photographic archive of the Tresigallo sugar factory, along with the stories of former workers, serves as the starting point for the development of the exhibition.
Hence the interest, two years later, in bringing back the memory to the places where it belongs.