Frat.tale is a non-profit organization for the promotion of visual arts and artist residency practice. It was born in the spring of 2023 from a group of artists, curators, and cultural designers based in Bologna: Rebecca Sforzani, Beatrice Caruso, Vanessa Wellington, Giulia Bononi, Sara Forabosco.

A snail, a snowflake, a fern. A fractal is a geometric figure that repeats itself infinitely, on an ever-smaller scale: any part of the fractal reproduces, in miniature, the entire figure with all its details. Unlike rigid Euclidean geometry, these mathematical objects depict the visible world, territories, and landscapes. Fractal sets are composed of tiny pieces and create a universe that appears chaotic but is actually harmonious, intrinsically perfect. A dot was deliberately placed between the two “t’s”: a tribute to symmetry and storytelling